Customer Review Testimonial Of 3 Hits In 10 Days With This System

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This is yet another wonderful testimonial from a customer about Kacy Lottery Picks

that tells how often they have won the cash 3 pick 3 lottery in a very short period of

time in the state of Virginia which is one of the hardest states to win.

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2 Replies to “Customer Review Testimonial Of 3 Hits In 10 Days With This System”

  1. Hi Kacey

    My name is Debra and I’m writing you from Illinois. I want to give a testimony.

    You have provided a list of numbers on Monday Nov. 5th and I must say I have been hitting every since then. Here in Illinois you gave me 958 as one of my numbers. I played and guess what? the number came out and I hit off that number. Last night the number 395 fell and of course that was a winning number as well and today Nov. 7th I hit off of 897 box and because of the fireball being 4 that made me a winner off of another number 487 so that means that in three day I have hit off of 4 of your numbers. Keep it coming! Thank you very much. It’s on now!!

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