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Here are some frequently asked questions:

Q. Do you have proof that people actually win with your cash 3 lottery prediction strategies?

A. Plenty of proof, just see the actual emails and social media reviews by clicking testimonials to see how much and how often people win with my cash 3 predictions and strategies.

Q. What states or countries do you service?

A. I currently work out all states in the United States as well as all countries.

Q. How much does it cost to purchase your cash 3 prediction numbers?

A. I make it affordable for you to get these winning numbers so for a LIMITED TIME I will only charge a flat fee of $20 per month (THAT’S ONLY $5 A WEEK) to send you 10 numbers for your state every single week for the whole entire month for a total or 4 weeks as well as some other cool BONUSES!


Q.  How many pick 3 numbers will I get for this $20 price?

A.  You will get a total of 10-20 cash 3 numbers emailed to you weekly for a month.  So in total you will have a minimum of 40 cash 3 numbers to play. As one of my BONUSES to you, you will also get 5 additional numbers to play for the month that will hit almost all states!

Q.  Do you give out pick 2, pick 4, quick 5, megamoney, powerball or any other lottery numbers out?

A.  No I do not.  I only will do pick 3 or cash 3 lotteries with only 3 numbers to choose in all states and countries. However, you can get this lottery generator from an MIT professor that created it and good for big lotteries in all states and countries like lotto, powerball, megamillions, fantasy 5, and so many more lottery games around the globe by clicking this link http://kacylotterypicks.com/lotterysoftware

Q.  When will I get my first set of lottery numbers?

A.  You will receive your cash 3 numbers within 24 hours of purchase.

Q.  What day will I get my numbers on?

A.  You will receive your first set of cash 3 numbers within 24 hours of purchase. After that you will receive your numbers on the following Monday and every Monday afterwards until your 4 weeks are over unless you have a subscription plan in which that case you will always get numbers until you cancel.

Q.  What day is it best for me to put my order in?

A.  You can order your numbers at anytime in the month and you will receive the numbers for 4 weeks after that point.  For example if you order on March 15th, then you will get numbers until around April 15th or until your 4 weeks is over.

Q. Do you promise or guarantee that I will win?

A.  Because the cash 3 lottery is a game in which you are gambling I can not promise nor guarantee that you will win.  While I do have really good strategies that will likely increase your chances of winning I can not guarantee you will win.

Q.  I don't like the numbers you gave me can I get a refund?

A.  No, I do not give refunds because of the nature of the purchase which is 1.) digital and 2.) a form of gambling.

Q.  Do I get a refund for any reason at all?

A.  Again, because this is a pick 3 lottery game of chance I do not give out refunds EXCEPT in the case that I don't give you the numbers. After I do your workout and send you the first set of numbers, you can not get a refund for ANY reason, as I have done the agreed upon work.

Q.  Do you teach people on how to choose numbers with your strategies?

A.  Yes!  As a matter of fact you can check out my lottery vidoe tutorials by going to this link and you can sign up today and start implementing what you learn tonight! Click here to start http://kacylotterypicks.com/patreon

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A.  Paypal, CashApp, Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card with Discover, Visa, Mastercard & American Express Logos.

Q. I don't have a Paypal Account, so can I buy your service?

A.  Yes you can.  I use Paypal as my credit card processing service so if you don't have a Paypal account click the button that says no account and it will ask for your credit, debit or prepaid card number. You can also use CashApp if you prefer.

Q.  Do I have to commit myself to making payments every month?

A.  No you do not.  You can just buy your numbers with a one time payment and just purchase when you are ready.  Or you can do a recurring monthly payment with the subscription button on the order form where you will be automatically billed by Paypal.

Q.  I have a monthly subscription but I have won too much money and now want to cancel.  How do I cancel my subscription.

A.  You would cancel by going to your Paypal Account and canceling there.

If there is a question that has not been answered here then please use the “Contact” page above and submit your question there with your best email.