New Lottery Scratch Off Benefits Homeless Veterans In The State Of Indiana

New Lottery Scratch Off Benefits Homeless Veterans In The State Of Indiana

Sen. Ron Alting has come up with a brilliant and innovative idea in how to help the homeless problem in their town located in the state of Indiana.  The Senator proposes a new lottery scratch off game that would allow the Hoosier Lottery to aid American homeless veterans.  How it would work is that the money that is used to purchase the new scratch off tickets would go to different organizations that help with different resources such as food, housing, medical, etc.  From there the money would be funneled down to the vets in need of help.  There really is no limit as to what the money could be used for from drug addiction rehabilitation, mental heath issues and so much more, so this is a bill and a proposal that is definitely worth looking at because people will continue to buy lottery tickets with no problems.

Lottery tickets has been known to help many different things in different states such as infrastructure, and public schools including the building thereof buildings, books for students as well as many other things that benefits the state in which the lottery is played.

Do you think that this is an effective way to use the money and do you think that the homeless veterans in Indiana will receive majority of the money that is paid out to the news scratch off lottery tickets?  Or do you think more administrative fees will make it a useless program and not very beneficial at all.  Please reply below in the comments section.

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