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Hey guys, what's up? This is Kacy here with Kacy picks to win the lottery sambad result. Thanks so much for checking out the channel. If you'd like to get your winning cash three numbers for your state emailed to you each and every single week, go to my website, Go to the About tab and order your numbers there. It's only $5 a week. So you'll have the numbers sent to you every single week, customized for your state. Okay guys, that's it for that. Now let's get into this video.

Hey guys, what's up? What's going on? This is Kacy here in this video. Guys, I want to show to you that the predictions that I made for the month of October, well actually 62 times those predictions hit in the month of October. That's right. You heard that right; 62 hits in one month from the October free predictions for the exclusive gold members. So let me show you what I'm talking about.

Now, the numbers that I gave you was 4 1 3, 6 4 2, 2 4 1, 7 5 1 and 6 1 7. Those were the free predictions that I gave for October. Now I do this every single month, but I want to show you since October is over what States actually got those numbers and why you should be signing up to be an exclusive gold number so that you can get these free predictions as well. 

So check this out. Starting October the first New York gets a hit. Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, California, New Jersey, Quebec, that's in Canada, Puerto Rico, Ontario which is also in Canada, Colorado, North Carolina, New Mexico, Delaware, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia once again. Washington, Pennsylvania. The multi-state here, I think this is Idaho, Illinois and Indiana. I'm not sure but when it says multi-state, I think that's those three States. I have to check. Again, Washington, Pennsylvania, California, Quebec once again, Pennsylvania once again. New Jersey once again. Ontario once again. Ohio, New York. I think I called New York out earlier. I'm not sure. Michigan, Connecticut, Ontario. I remembered that one. This is like the third or fourth time for this one. North Carolina, Colorado, Pennsylvania once again. Arkansas, Pennsylvania. This is like the third or fourth time for Pennsylvania as well. New Jersey again, Colorado on the list here. Washington once again. We're only on October the 22nd guys. Quebec which is in Canada. Minnesota, Kentucky, Florida, Tennessee, Ontario once again, North Carolina, New Mexico, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Ohio… guys and the list goes on. Okay. Texas, Connecticut, Michigan, South Carolina, Idaho, Georgia, Illinois, California. California is the last one that we see there on October 31st. That is a total of 61 hits from the numbers that I gave you from the predictions for October. 

Now I already gave out the free predictions for the month of November. If you are an exclusive gold member, you already got those predictions and you're probably all ready hitting. As I see that those have also started hitting. So once again, the numbers that I gave for October was 4 1 3, 6 4 2, 2 4 1, 7 5 1 and 6 1 7. Now, if you are not yet an exclusive gold member to get your winning Pick 3 or Cash 3 Lottery numbers I invite you to check out the links down in the description below or you can go to to pick up your numbers.  Now this is where I give you the numbers. You don't have to do any workouts, I do that for you. You don't have to do any work, you just have to get the tickets. That's it. 

So why is it better to come to Kacy lottery picks? Well, there's a thousand possible numbers to win from. And as you just saw, only gave out a couple of numbers and it already was 62 hits and multiple States, multiple times. So that's what that's about. Instead of you picking from a thousand possible numbers, you're only picking from a couple of numbers. Or you can play them all, however you want to play it. Remember, I don't know the day, I just know that they're going to play really quick and really fast.

Now check this out. When you get to, I want you to go to the About tab, or you can click the link down in the description below where you can become an exclusive gold member. 

Now you're going to get more than that. So I want to explain to you what you get as a gold member so that you too can start winning the Cash 3 lottery more consistently. So over here, you'll look at this quick two minute video here and let's go over what you're going to get. You're going to get four sets of Cash 3 numbers for your state or country that you asked for sent to your email every single week for four weeks. So this simply means that every Monday I'm going to send you between 10 and 15 numbers that I feel from my workouts and my strategies, I feel those numbers are going to hit in your state. So once again, you're going to get 10 to 15 numbers every Monday, so that's going to be for four weeks. This is not just a onetime deal. 

The next thing you're going to get is what I was just showing you proof of those 62 hits is my monthly free prediction newsletter. So these predictions that I give you specifically, they pretty much hit pretty much every state as you just saw yourself. Once a month at the beginning of the month I do give out those predictions and once you become an exclusive gold member, you'll get those predictions as well. So if you became a member today or tomorrow, you will also be on the list. You would get those numbers as well as your weekly numbers that I'm going to be sending to you every month. 

Let me just quickly tell you real quick, if you decide to order numbers, say today, for example, you will get your first set of numbers within 24 hours. Then after that, you'll get the next three sets of numbers on Mondays with all of the other exclusive gold members of Kacy lottery picks. Not only that, you're going to get the monthly predictions that I just was telling you about right here with that newsletter, with those numbers where you just saw there was 62 hits from those numbers alone.

Next you're going to get two weeks of daily tips and tricks with my numbers by spending less money and making more money as well as other strategies to win the Cash 3 lottery. Now with that, that means after you get my numbers, I'm not going to just leave you hanging. Keep watching your email every day for about two weeks. You're going to get an email from me every day, just giving you one little tip here or there about how to win with my numbers as well as other ways. Also discover my secret website so that you can play the Pick 3 and the Pick 4 in all of the States. You do not just have to play in your state. You can play in all of the States when I show you how to do this.

I'm also going to show you how to discover how to get 77 free Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets. That's right. Follow my instructions and you'll get 77 free tickets; Pick 3 and Pick 4 Pick. You're also going to discover how to pay 25 cents for a Pick 3 or a Pick 4 ticket. You're also going to discover how to win $900 on a straight hit instead of $500 down here in the South, you're going to see how to get $900 on a straight hit.

Now you're going to get so much more and this is only going to be for $5 per week. I'm trying to do this so that it is very accessible to pretty much anyone who likes to play the lottery and wants to start finally winning more consistently on a consistent basis. Now I will admit this price is going to change by 2020. And I've been telling you guys this for the past couple months just so that you'll have a heads up on this because we've been having so much success on this and I've been getting so many more customers I have to dedicate more time so I will have to increase the price. But for now it's $5 per week. 

Okay, so how does this work? What you're going to do is you're going to scroll up through here, read through everything, check out some of the testimonials. Look, $13,500 won here in North Carolina. This was…let me see… I can't even see the date on that, 09/17/2019. Look at here, someone won $650. Here's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 winning tickets right here. Here is $2,500 won here. We've got $900 won here. That was in South Carolina.  Then we got $262 total won here and then we got a ticket, this was $100 here. And then we have a here, Antonio, look, he won eight times. If you read what he said he won eight times off of one list that I sent him one week with 10 numbers, eight of those numbers came out within a two week period. Check this out as well. Shanika won six times from my list. So you're going to be checking out other testimonials and things here, but when you're done reading all of that, this is the sales page. This is how you're going to order your numbers. 

Now we have a couple of different ways that you can order numbers. Number one, if you want to use cash app, then you will click here to pay $20 with cash app. Now when you click that button, you're going to get a little screen like this. It's going to ask for your name. It's going to ask for your email. What state do you want? What country is that? And then you’re going to click this button that says pay cash app. After that, it's going to take you to my cash app, you make the payment and you will get your numbers within 24 hours. I'm going to email them to the email that you put here within 24 hours.

Now, if you don't want to use cash app and you'd rather use PayPal. How PayPal works is you can use a credit card, or you can use a debit card and order to use PayPal. So again, PayPal, credit card or a debit card. 

Now there's two different ways to do this and I want to make this clear before you make your purchase. So what you're going to do is if you want to do a reoccurring, and let me highlight this, reoccurring monthly subscription it is $20. Also with cash app is $20. Let me explain this very quickly guys. You are in a membership program. It's $5 per week for that program. So $5 times four weeks, which is a month, is $20. So that's how I got to the $20 I apologize for not saying that earlier. That's how I got to this. Again, cash app, once you pay that $20 to Cash App, 24 hours, you will get your numbers. 

Now down here where it says reoccurring monthly subscription, please understand with reoccurring monthly subscription, that means if you sign up for this one every month, every 30 days, you will be automatically charged $20 okay. PayPal will automatically charge your credit card, your debit card, or your PayPal account, whatever you choose to use. Please realize that. I want to make that completely clear that this is a subscription that every month, every 30 days. So if you get it today, let's say for example, you can get it on November the 12th that's today, then that means December the 12th you'll be charged again, January the 12th, February the 12th etc. So that's how that works.

Now if you want to use this option, I'm giving you one more, but if you want to use this option where it says enter your email, I want you to put your email that you want your number sent to, put the state that you want your number sent to and click this button that says subscribe. And then within 24 hours after you doing this, you will get your numbers sent to you in your email box.

Finally, the last payment option we have is also through PayPal. So you can use PayPal credit card or debit card with this. Okay, but this is a onetime payment method, meaning that you'll only be charged the $20 one time and that's it. After those four weeks, I will send you an email. I will tell you thank you so much for being an exclusive gold member. However, your membership has now been expired and I will give you directions on if you want to renew your membership, how to do so. So that's how that work if you do the onetime payment method. Now if you decide to do this method, you'll simply come down here to where it says enter the email address that you want your numbers sent to, and then you'll put the state that you want your number sent to as well. And you're going to click the button that says buy now. After you click that, buy now, you give me 24 hours to get those numbers to you and you'll have those numbers in your box. 

Now I do advise, especially if this is the first time you've seen my videos, advise you to check out the whole website so you know exactly what you're getting. Definitely check out the testimonials because we've had some really good testimonials going on here. Look, $590 won, $2000 won, 3 times won, $19,000 won. This is the Cash 3 y'all. This is not the big lotteries. $2500 won. $262 won. $100 and $100 here won. These are the Cash 3 lotteries. So just keep that in mind that people are winning thousands, but it's the cash three lottery. So I'll tell you about all that when you become a member.

So not only that, I want you to check out my frequently asked questions page. Where this will pretty much answer any question that you have about the lottery and how everything works with me. Check that out. 

Then I'd like you guys to check out my YouTube channel. So if you come down here on my website and if you're on YouTube right now, check out the other videos on here. I have over two years worth of videos telling exactly how we do what we do. So go and check out the very first video, check out some middle videos, come around to the end and just check those videos out. They're usually between five and maybe 10 minutes long. Some may be a little longer, but check that out on YouTube. If you decide to check that out, this is what you're going to see, Kacy Lottery picks right here. This is my main page for YouTube and you'll see all of these different videos here that you can check out. Over $540 won, $1,000 won. Two hits within 24 hours. Predictions. Three hits with this strategy. Two hits, $300 won. Four hits in one week. $500 won. Tic Ta Toe $2200 won. So just check that out. $6000 won. So guys, check that stuff out if you want to get into that as well. 

All the links are going to be in the description section below. You can also check out my free guide. It's very limited because it's free. So it's very, very limited information but it's some information that can help you as well. With this free guide, all you do is come to the page, which the link is in the description below. You'll put your email address in and you'll click the button says send me the free guide and bonuses and that will be all for that. 

Okay guys, so that's it. This is Kacy once again, 62 hits guys from the free predictions for the month of October. I'm looking forward to how many people are going to be winning in November with those predictions as well as your weekly predictions that you're going to get. And also with the cool tips and tricks that I'm going to give you, hey, who can beat that? Who can beat that at $5 per week? I'm pretty sure nobody. Nobody. 

So once again head over to Click this tab that says About right here and go on ahead, check everything out and order your numbers at the very bottom of the page here. Thanks so much once again for everything. If you need to contact me because maybe you didn't understand something then please feel free to contact me as well. There is a contact button on the website, so go on ahead contact me and I will get with you within 24 hours. That's it. Thanks so much. And I'm going to catch you guys

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