Beginners Luck Struck A Lady From Chicago Who Won A Whopping $250,000!

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News story photoLa Ongkwan Pinyapap should be thanking her friend because that is why she won the  lottery in Chicago.

While out and about the 2 friends went to a BP gas station and the friend of La Ongkwan Pinyapap went in to pick  up their usual lottery tickets.

Since they were there La Ongkwan Pinyapap figured she may as well play since she never really tried playing the game before.

She purchased a $5 scratch off lottery ticket and afterwards was shocked when she realized that she had won a quarter of a million dollars!

She said she had never played until this day 6/26/17 and I bet she is surely glad that she did as well as the store, because the gas station will get $2,500 for selling her the winning ticket.  That goes to show that beginners luck is definitely a real phenomenon.  However if you want to win with the cash 3 lottery picks then use my numbers to win, click here to see video, this works in all states.


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