Do You Have To Pay Cash For Lottery Tickets?

Do you have to pay cash for lottery tickets

Most people ask the question if they have to pay cash in order to purchase pick 3 lottery tickets. The truth is that this goes for all of the lotteries including the Megamillions, Powerball, Pick 3, Cash 3, Pick 4 and all of the rest of the number lotteries where you actually pick the numbers yourself or get a quick pick.  Well the answer is a little bit more complicated so let me explain. 

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I recently went to a shell gas station and the cashier asked me what payment method would I be using to pay for my pick 3 cash 3 Florida lottery tickets.  Now this took me back a bit because no one ever asked me that.  I mean I always have paid cash for my lottery tickets and my scratch off tickets because I thought that was my only option.  But the cashier enlightened me and said that I could use my debit or credit card as well!

I was BLOWN! 

All of these years that I have been playing the pick 3 lottery, I was picking up my tickets at the gas station and convenient store with CASH ONLY!   

But that day I used my debit card that is connected to my bank’s checking account. 

The cashier explained to me that depending on the store and the owners of the store, you would either pay cash only, while other store owners allow you to use cash, debit and credit cards.  But she said no one allows you to purchase lottery tickets or scratch off tickets with a check.

So now I ask the cashier at every store that I visit to buy my lottery tickets if its cash only or can I use other payment methods.  Some have been accepting my debit cards and credit cards which is so awesome because sometimes I just do not have the cash on me at the time I visit the gas station to get my tickets.

But this is why I also like to buy my pick 3 and pick 4 lottery tickets online for as low as $0.25 per ticket!

With them, I can fund my online gambling account with bitcoins, credit card, debit card, walmart money wire, money gram, western union, bank wire, and they have a couple of other payment options. 

I usually purchase my lottery tickets ahead of time when I buy them online.  So I will buy tickets for days and even weeks ahead of time especially when it time for those triples to hit so I don’t miss them. 

I also like buying my cash 3 pick 4 tickets online because I can bet as much as I want, so I can bet $10 or $100 on some lottery numbers and I can bet in all of the states. Plus you can win $900 on a straight pick 3 hit and $9,000 on a straight pick 4 number, which is so much more to win online than at the local gas station. Oh and I like to play the lotteries a lot in several different states when I play online.

I also like all of the other perks of the online gambling website like playing their other games like blackjack, solitaire, slots sports betting which I am good at guessing winning basketball and football teams and so much more.  If you want to know more about the perks and how to open your online gambling account to purchase your tickets or even play other games then click here.  Good luck playing!

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