Amazon is all the rage right now, especially with Black Friday Deals coming up soon!

The speed of the order processing and delivery services is practically unmatched.

Besides, you can find essentially everything you need on the platform – from a brand new state-of-the-art flat screen TV to the latest affordable trendy clothing.

Like many, I have always been an avid internet shopper.

Why bother with queues at stores or the threat of stampedes during black Friday?

Instead, I have chosen, for most of my adult life to make my orders through secure websites and await their delivery to my doorstep.

It is for this reason that I am delighted with the way Amazon has revolutionized online shopping.

I believe its efficiency, ease of use and the quality of the products offered is currently unrivaled.

But why Amazon Prime?

Every time a service involves potential additional charges, it is natural to be somewhat skeptical.

After all, everyone wants to save money.

But it is my discovery that sometimes, investing in a top-notch service doesn't just save you a much larger amount than the membership may cost, but it also saves you mounds of time and provides an additional comfort that I consider priceless.

But why believe me when you may find out for yourself?

The following review will outline why you may want to try out Amazon Prime Membership Free for 30 days!

Amazon Prime: Understanding What You Are Paying For

Amazon prime is a subscription service offered by Amazon which offers free 24 to 48 hour shipping and delivery, free streaming of music, tv shows, movies, documentaries and other instant videos, as well as a variety of other often over looked over cool benefits and features!

Amazon makes it easy for everyone’s budget because you can choose to pay their membership fee monthly or yearly which is why they 1-2 day free shipping service has the most subscribers and members vs. their competitors worldwide!

Benefits To Expect As A Prime Member

The appeal of Amazon Prime stems from the large number of services it offers.

Prime Music, for instance, offers a library of millions of songs, coming up as one of the top competitors for Spotify/Google Play Music and Pandora.

As an avid listener of a variety of genres and artists, I have always sought a platform that enabled me to download hit music free of advertisements on not only my smartphone, but also my tablet, laptop and pc.

While other similar platforms exist, they do not have the versatility of Amazon Prime with all its music features.

The idea that the service that would get a new dishwasher to my doorstep in a day would also enable me to download the latest Drake album, wasn't just exciting to me, it was incredibly rewarding!

Prime Video

Prime Video, formerly known as Amazon Unbox, features over 5000 movies and TV shows like some of my favorite old television shows to the latest episodes as well as early seasons of The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and so much more!

The TV shows range from comedy to suspense, fantasy and even documentaries.

They can be streamed online, downloaded and saved on the Amazon app.

The videos are accessible with zero advertisements and offer a fantastic alternative to cable tv and Youtube.

When waiting in the doctor’s waiting room, this swift access to my favorite shows on my phone has been a lifesaver.

The quality of the videos are impeccable being that they stream in HD, and shows are suggested to you based on your tastes like Netflix.

There are soo many features to this alone that you can click to check out here.

Prime Reading

Prime Reading offers a plethora of kindle ebooks for bookworms who seek quick access to new, trendy novels or revered classics.

While I am not much of a reader myself, this access to such a wide, colorful ebook library has enabled me to spoil my friend with a new novel every month with Amazon’s lending library.

These ebooks do not have to be read online, they can be downloaded and used at any time, with or without wifi on smartphones, tablets, laptops, pc’s and kindle fire devices.

Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is one of my favorite little finds.

This service ships non-perishable groceries in one box for a flat, uniform fee.

While the service isn't available everywhere in the world, it is in the US, Japan, Austria, Germany, India, Italy, France and Spain.

This service, which is ONLY available to Amazon Prime members, also enables subscribers to buy household items as well and have them shipped in no time.

The universal flat rate is less than $6, which vastly beats the costs of transport to and from the grocery store.

It’s almost like the old days where the grocery boy took your order by phone and drives it directly to your front door! Talk about no waiting in long lines!

Prime Now

Prime Now is also one of Amazon Prime's most talked-about add-ons.

Unfortunately, it is only available in Manhattan and New York City.

Even though I don’t live there a good friend of mine does, and I recall the absolute brilliance of this service.

For just about 8 bucks ($7.99), they could get their order delivered to their apartment within an hour.

I can only hint how wonderful this service is when having forgotten a birthday party, or need a swift replacement of a household item.

This delivery service alone offers more than 25,000 essential daily items.

Use Amazon’s Prime 30 Free Trial Today

Like many other people, for years I failed to believe in the “wonderful qualities” of Amazon Prime for a while.

The very idea of a binding subscription bothered me.

What if I didn't like the services?

What if they turned out to be a waste of money?

When a friend suggested I simply try out the free 30 days, I figured I had nothing to lose.

And this is exactly what happened: I lost nothing.

At any point during this month, I could have canceled my subscription, having tried out the service at no cost.

Instead, I was happy to continue on, as an Amazon Prime member, and have been a happy member for years now!

The services become such an easy alternative to the constant hassle of finding shopping time, the lack of availability of true product descriptions (as opposed to Amazon reviews, which will tell you what you need to know about merchandise before you buy it) and the side benefits s of video and music streaming.

Imagine a box containing all your lifestyle needs – one you may enjoy for a month straight free of charge.

What's there to lose?

Click here to access Amazon Prime's Free 30 Day Trial today for your very own exciting Prime experience.

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