NC Lottery Winners Found A Need For Gas Ended Up With A Winning Lottery Ticket

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A North Carolina lottery winner was driving in his Silverado Truck when he realized his truck was low on fuel. When this man was aware his truck needed gas, he ended up purchasing a scratch-off and won millions of dollars!

The man named Allen Booger who lives in Lake Booger, North Carolina was going to pick up a lottery ticket but he had no intention of stopping at the gas station that sold him the ticket that won him 10 million dollars. Allen had plans to stop at a gas station.

So why did Allen stop at the Lunar Mart on North Carolina 16 in Denver Colorado? The light that let Allen know his car was low on gas came on when the Lunar Mart was the closest gas station to his house. It wasn't just this specific gas station that helped Allen pick a game that had a multi-million winning ticket. The scratch-off game that Allen had planned on playing was sold out.

Since Allen couldn't play the game he had planned on, he purchased a more expensive scratch-off ticket to a different game. He purchased a Colossal Cash ticket for $30 and he won the $10 million grand prize. This is not an isolated incident because three other people have won the grand prize before Allen.

Allen had to go to Raleigh to claim his prize. When Allen was interviewed, Allen had said “It took a couple of twists of fate for this to happen.”

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The lottery website claims Allen won with his odds being 1 out of 2,830,000. Allen was employed as a car salesman when he won the ticket that made him a multi-millionaire.

When interviewed by officials working for the lottery, Allen had claimed to be lucky his whole life and admits the reason he won this ticket was because of luck.

When it came to paying out, Allen had two choices. He could receive $500,000 every year for 20 years or he could receive a one-time payment of six million dollars. Allen picked the second option and after taxes, Allen will still have over four million dollars left of his winnings.

Officials said that Allen is going to live off the money he saved and invested after taking care of his current bills so Allen never has to work another day that he doesn't want to.

More people in the Charlotte and Lake Norman areas have won the lottery besides Allen Boger.

Just a few days before Allen Boger became a winner, a person paid two dollars for a ticket and won the jackpot for the Mega Millions game in Mecklenburg County. Mecklenburg County happens to have the biggest population of all counties in North Carolina.

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At the beginning of February, a woman named Cheryl Ratliff living in Wingate which is a suburb of Charlotte was crying with joy when she called her family to let them know she had just scratched off a ticket that won her four million dollars.

With Ratliff winning the final grand prize of Loaded, then Loaded was ended after becoming popular from the start when the game first launched in 2019.

Last month, Christopher Martin from Newton became the sixth person to win a big amount of money from a ticket that was purchased at a store in Lake Norman.

Christopher won two million dollars off a $20 ticket that was purchased at Lake Norman Grocery on River Highway. The game was “100X The Cash.”

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