Try The Lottery Mirror Chart System For Cash 3 Lottery Strategies & Workouts

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Hey, what's up guys? This is Kacy here with Kacy Picks To Win The Lottery right here on YouTube. Okay, now usually I give work outs out and everything, you can check out my videos, hear of my predictions and how fast these numbers hit. Usually in a couple of days, sometimes the same day, in a week, whatever… check those out. I even have playlists with the actual states in there. So you can go straight to the different states and see my predictions and see when they’ve won, because I do update videos as well. But in this video I want to talk about something called ‘mirrored numbers’.

Okay. Now lets talk about the mirror chart system that the cash 3 lottery system uses in their algrithems.  This will help with your cash 3 lottery predictions workout and strategies. So mirrored… and we’ve got to work with my camera here please. Mirrored numbers. I started to do a screenshot online, but I thought it would be better if I just did it like this. Okay, so in the game of lottery we have mirrored numbers which sounds just exactly like what it is. It is when you look into a mirror… you see a reflection. It is a reflected number. Now this goes into astrology, this goes into the Kabbalah, this goes into spirituality, this goes into energy. I know it's crazy right, but it really truly… it does, and the algorithms that these guys use for the lottery use these types of concepts. Okay, so let me tell you what a mirrored number is.

Usually, we have zero, one, two… and I’m trying to bring that in y’all… three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. The easiest way to remember what the mirrored number is… is to add five to it. So it's the number plus five, and that equals the mirrored number. Okay. So, zero plus five equals five. One plus five equals six. Two plus five equals seven. Three plus five equals eight. Four plus five equals nine. Five plus five… here's where it gets a little tricky… Okay, you only want to use one digit… one number. Here I’m going to keep the number in the tens’ place. So it's a zero. Okay. And here, six… you could say six… six plus five, and you’ll keep the number in the tens’ place which is a one. You could have say seven plus five… the tens’ place is a two. Eight plus five… the tens’ place is a three. Nine plus five… the tens’ place is a four. Ten… I'm sorry there is no ten. Sorry guys. Okay. So that's it. That's your mirrored numbers. I'm going to try to go in on that so you can get there.

So a zero is a five. A one is a six. A two is a seven. A three is an eight. A four is a nine. A five is a zero. And see it just… it just came back to it again… a one is a six. Okay, a two is a seven. A three is an eight, and a four is a nine. Okay, try to write that down, or try to take a screenshot or something like that. Just remember… just… if you do add the number plus five, that's going to equal the mirrored number. I'm a come back in another video and I'm going to show you some other numbers.

Let me give you an example of why you need to know what a mirrored number is. Let's say that for example they play three, five, seven. Sometimes they'll mirror the number a day or two later. Let's say they mirror the five, so they'll drop the three and the seven, and this will be a zero. Okay. It’ll be a zero because remember, a zero that's mirrored is a five. Okay. And that's when we get into parlay and different things like that which I'll talk about in future videos. But yes, so they'll do stuff like that. So it'll take a while for me to put out these videos and everything, but check them out, check out other people's stuff because I've seen some who wonderful YouTubers out here that also teach stuff on the lottery.

If you like this video please like it with a thumbs up, okay… share it, comment below if you have some tips of your own, and subscribe. I'm going to come back and I'm going to teach you more on how and when to use mirrored numbers as well as other types of numbers for the cash 3 lottery in your state.


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  1. Can you please help me out with the pick3 for Dallas Tx I would like to have some number for the pick 3 for the month of July because June is almost over with also Ms. Lacy I think you are doing a good job for the lottery pick when you get some time out of your busy schedule thank Lacy we love you keep doing what you are doing

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